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this has got be the gayest thing ive ever heard. Listen to this guy


Jack on his new 5'5 T-patterson/Post by Chris


Screenshots of todays south SWELL. I guess this marks summer in session Make everyday worth it no matter what! I mean who wouldn't want this?


New sprays by CHRIS TAVERNER
Spent part of Mother's Day at a Graffiti art Exhibit which turned out better than I thought. While I was waiting in line I saw The fat actor guy in Pineapple express (Seth Rogan) or something like that. There were some hot chks and some indie hipsters as well as a group wearing too-too's and capes. Anyway, I clipped a few pictures of some of the stuff in there. Can't remember but the exhibit was made up of a bunch of different graffiti artists. There was also a little skate video that i tried to get 30 seconds of. Click on some to see them bigger if that works- hunter


I tried to situate these nicely but whatever.


Newport @ egdew



Spring Break
Has officially started for a few of us. Sadly not Chris which is really really Lame. Happy Easter Egg hunting, church going and candy. Cool little day of BBQ's, church, and food. Heres a couple songs to check out to during the break:




Watch the Bells Pro presented by Ripcurl for the next few Days:
Ripcurl Pro Bells Beach LIVE
Waves are supposed to be decent for the contest. Guys like Slater, Taj, Bourez won their Round 1 heats yesterday. Jordy moves to round to against the winner of the trials


Funny kid on youtube


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